7pm. I have no idea what’s in the sky today.

Aerosols chembombed in Mexico, brought into Southern California on a reversed jet stream.  The chemical clouds went against the direction of our natural clouds, literally blowing from east to west and ending the day at sunset hanging over the ocean, poisoning the fish.

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Photos from July 18, 2014, Los Angeles, CA

We have total toxic chemcover in LA today.  It’s way too overwhelming to fight off with our orgonite and I highly advise staying indoors.  There is about a 10% to 90% ratio of real to fake clouds as this system is being brought in on the reversed jet stream from the southeast.  The continuous chembombing of Mexico for the past few days has brought terrible air pollution to Southern California and bizarre, unnatural weather.  July is a dry and sunny month typically.  I wonder how people don’t notice the strange summer conditions over the past two years.  As a person who grew up here, I have to keep reminding people that we don’t get clouds from the south or the east.  Natural clouds in LA come from the west, over the ocean, and they do not come in July.  Does anyone remember last summer’s unprecedented retrograding storm system, the first in recorded history, that came all the way from the Atlantic to the Pacific?  This is weather modification, plain and simple.


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Trying so hard to destroy our clouds and keep Cali under drought. Boys… When you grow up, you will one day learn that people in power wants only more power and control. Even if it is by controlling the weather.

One day… When you grow up… You will know. And when you finally know, it is your job to keep them in check and let them know that they are your servant. Living off your taxes.

One day…

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Major weather warfare going in in Los Angeles today.  After the geoengineers’ chemfail last night, they are out in full force today.  They continue to attack from the south with massive amounts of aerosol material but overhead, they have failed to bring in the chemical wall.  Instead, they have had to revert to old fashioned chemtrail spraying in an effort to pollute the air and destroy the natural clouds which we have allowed to come in.  Last night we added six citrine orgone pyramids to our arsenal and we are going into heavy production in the next week.  Let’s see how the geoengineers react to our self-defense.  They will have to go very heavy to pollute our air to their satisfaction.

We had unseasonal, but beautiful, natural clouds this morning with clean, deep blue skies.  In the afternoon the sky cleared to completely blue, but all around LA there was an aerosol haze.  As the afternoon progressed the chemtrail spraying began overhead.  Fortunately, every chemtrail sprayed over LA completely disintegrated.  This is the orgonite working again.  The satellite view showed California engulfed in aerosol material but a hole formed in it over Los Angeles.  I saw many chemtrails being sprayed from the south toward LA and they stopped abruptly at Culver City.  Every trail sprayed over my office disintegrated.  I saw two planes fly close to each other to make an X, and before I could photograph it, it was gone!  Another win for orgonite!  Another win for LA in the weather war today!

Shasta County, CA Hearing on Covert Chemtrail Operation

Expert Testimony:
Dane Wigington opens the argument with the destructive chemtrails overall view., USAF Weatherman/Wildlife Biologist Alan Buckman,Biologists-scientist Francis Mangels, Airline Pilot Jeff Nelson discusses the contrail VS Chemtrail, Neurologists,
Russ Lazuka USAF Vet talks about Evergreen Aviation, Planes with no passengers on board, no squack codes (more formally transponder code), a four-digit number sent out by an aircraft’s , and over a mile long chemtrails Dr.Frank Lavosse also a pilot (steps in for Fred Meyers) talks about chemtrails in Hawaii, Quebec, Maine, Mass. talks about those employees who load these planes are in Hazmat outfits, 25% increase in lung problems because of micronized aluminum, Mark MacCandlish, secret clearance in USAF, consultant to Aerospace Companies, worked on classified systems discusses the size of NANO and what it means. MacCandlish states: ” When you look up at the sun and you see a white haze, that is aluminum floating in the air right now, and it’s coming from the aircraft.” He also discussed how chemtrails suppress the immune system, simply by breathing the air. NASA conducted a program called metalized hybrid fuel systems. ,Dr. Steve Davis resident of 30 years of Shasta speaks of the contaminants.

Our jet stream has been reversed for the past few days bringing unseasonal cloudiness and humidity.  Large quantities of aerosol material have been released in Mexico while the normal western winds have been blocked by geoengineering over the Pacific Ocean.  Two days ago, Los Angeles experienced a chemical whiteout from the aerosol clouds moving in a northwest direction from Mexico.  It is completely abnormal to have high humidity in LA in July, but that’s what weather modification does.  On the plus side, today’s clouds parted during the morning to reveal that they were indeed non chemical, natural clouds.  The sky was a deep blue and after the clouds cleared completely, we enjoyed clean skies for the rest of the day.  In the evening there were tiny traces of aerosol in the distance, but they quickly disappeared.  We are recovering from the last chemical attack and restoring the natural weather patterns as best as we can once again.


Michael Murphy Interview: The Truth About Chemtrails

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