Orgonite Progress Report

We were clear of chemtrails all day today, but the Weather Space predicted a heavy attack from the northwest in the evening.  Since it was clear out when I got home from work, I decided to go for a jog.  I left the house a little after 7pm and I saw two chemtrails beyond the Hollywood sign to the north, and chemclouds to the northwest reflected in the setting sun.  It looked like the prediction was correct, and we were in for it.

I finished my run about a quarter till 8pm and it was still light enough to see the sky.  The chemtrails by the Hollywood sign were gone and the chemclouds had thinned to almost nothing.  A plane was spraying a chemtrail overhead which looked pinkish in the fading light.  The trail was a stop-start type and disappeared very quickly.  The trail looked pale and thin as is was being sprayed.

Tonight the sky is clear and the stars are visible.  I doubled on the orgonite yesterday and have an array of 9 pieces in formation together.

2013-14 NHL Playoffs: EMF Free!
Billy Barium, Chembow Sports Correspondent

Hello faithful readers! Billy Barium here, your chemtrail/sports correspondent! It’s been an exciting last few months in the sports world. The basketball world has gone topsy-turvy with the Clippers making the playoffs and the Lakers finishing nearly last (must be the fluoridated water), the Dodgers are charging headlong into another expected season of mediocrity, and the Kings continue to torment their fanbase for old time’s sake. But of course this all pales in comparison to the recent revelations in the chemtrail world…orgone! I had always trusted Don Mattingly’s managerial skills more than this enigmatic concoction, but when The Chembow told yours truly about it and personally vouched for its effectiveness, I couldn’t believe my ears. It was as though someone told me that Jonathan Quick was actually Kelly Hrudey in his old #32 jersey, flopping around the goalcrease doing his best Robb Stauber imitation (ya know what I mean, fellow old school Kings fans?) for the playoff faithful. But I digress…

I have some exciting news, sports fans! Ever get that exhausted feeling, even though you’ve gotten a full night’s sleep? You know, the one where you’re watching the game, and the zamboni’s streak marks are still visible on the ice, and you’re already nodding off. Well, here’s the solution: orgonite! They’re fairly simple to make, and they’re available online. They even repel light to moderate chemtrails! I can personally say that the darn things actually work!! In days past, I would need a nap come the 2nd period, but with orgonite, I say: “Bring on triple overtime, baby!” I can feel a “balance” restored, and a general absence of the frazzled feeling one often gets on a heavy spray day. And considering the whopping 13 goals the Kings have given up in the first two games of their opening round series versus the Sharks, they could probably use some orgonite pucks.

That’s about wraps it up, folks! Check out this orgonite stuff…it will knock your jockstraps off! Stay healthy, and Go Kings Go!!


3pm. They must have run completely out of chemicals yesterday and are waiting for an emergency load from monsanto. (no caps on names I don’t like). It’s been beautiful and clear all day in OC.

We’re due for a dousing tonight. Let’s see what the orgonite does.  Otherwise nice blue skies and fresh air here in LA too.  Just gorgeous real California weather!

(You can also call them monsatan.)

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Serious Chemical Warfare on LA Today 

Los Angeles was deluged with heavy chemtrails today, as predicted by the Weather Space Chemtrail Forecast.  In regards to my orgonite experiment, during the morning when the spraying started lightly, I saw the same great results around my house that I saw for the past two days.  Chemtrails that were sprayed seemed to disintegrate in the air.  Even when leaving the house to do errands, I noticed that in every direction, the chemical layer was heavier than it was around my house.  I went to the San Fernando Valley and West LA, and it did seem worse in those places.

Driving back to Hollywood in mid afternoon, there was a noticeable reduction in aerosols in the vicinity of where I live, but then the chemtrailing became extremely heavy.  A large chembomb came in, covering the entire sky.  My orgonite seemed powerless to disperse these chemicals.  In trying to remain objective on this new and unknown technology, I don’t want to come out and say it works well yet, but I also don’t want to get discouraged and look at it negatively.  I am only going to describe my experiences day by day.  Interestingly, I usually become very depressed when they spray, but I didn’t feel that today, nor did I feel my physical symptoms.  I didn’t take my allergy medicine, and still managed to avoid a sore throat.  I didn’t get a headache or feel lethargic.

Throughout the afternoon the assault was relentless, including continuous spraying and heavy chembombing, which came in from the ocean.  Around 7pm, the spraying stopped, and by 7:30, there was still a sky full of aerosols, but there was once again a circle of blue over my house.

 So far, I would have to say that these devices seem to have a beneficial effect, but given that they are quite small, they only cover a small area.  I would be interested to try a larger version and see what happens, like the Don Croft model chembuster, which is large scale and sits outdoors.  When the spraying isn’t too heavy, these small pieces clear the sky quickly.  When the spraying is heavy and constant, they don’t have a chance to completely clear the sky, but they create some kind of field around them nonetheless and there is a noticeable reduction in the intensity of the aerosol layer.  I still have no definitive proof of any of this, and I will continue my observations.

 Photos: top, the chemtrails were held off of my neighborhood until mid afternoon. Bottom left to right: Angelina Jolie in a Satanic Disney billboard with chemtrail backdrop and a chembow at sunset.


Ladies and gentlemen…
Remember the good old days when we use to make shapes out of clouds?

Those days are gone.

The only shape we can make now is a growing long nose of the government.

Don’t spray on US.

Look up.
Wake up.

Horrible chemtrails in LA today.  It’s such obvious pollution, it’s a wonder people don’t notice.  If our cars do this, they are taken off the road.  It’s definitely a day to stay indoors and avoid exposure to these toxins.

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So far so good with the orgonite results.  We had natural clouds this morning and the air was actually moist!  There was moisture on our plants for the past two days.  I have not seem morning dew or felt moisture in the air like this for two years.  A chemtrail was dropped to the south of my house and it had the same pale look as the chemtrails for the past two days, since the orgonite was made.  The photo with the chemtrail was taken at 9:04 and then at 9:17 (next photo) it was gone!

We’re forecast to have a very heavy spray day.  I am interested to see how the orgonite works.  I hypothesize that it will help but may not be enough in light of what is coming.  I’ll keep you updated.

The Game Is Changing

This was written yesterday, but the same observations hold true today.  There were many chemtrails sprayed this afternoon and they disintegrated rapidly.  This occurred as far as one mile from my home, where I spent a couple of hours in the morning and early afternoon at the farmers market.

Preliminary Observations Using Scalar Technology
April 19, 2014

Homemade orgonite: Scalar energy devices

Today was a day of great discovery and awakening.  I have been researching scalar technology which can be used to neutralize EMF radiation and actually knock chemtrails out of the sky.  You may have heard of orgonite, which are lovely little sculptures containing crystals, metal shavings, and a Tesla coil.  I was as skeptical as the next person, and I am still having a hard time believing the results of my own work creating these simple little devices.  This is very complex technology that is remarkably easy to make yourself.  You don’t have to understand the physics to see the result.

Orgonite is the invention of Karl Hans Welz using the discoveries that Dr. Wilhelm Reich made in the 1930s of a “life force energy,” or “orgone” energy, which permeates all living things.  Reich first observed a bio-electrical charge in his patients in the late 1920s and then confirmed this electrical charge using a millivolt reader attached to sensors on the body in the 1930s.  I am still new to his work, but according to electrical engineer and inventor Ken Rohla, this energy that Reich discovered is the same thing as scalar energy.  Scalar energy is what is being used by those trying to control the weather, and orgonite creates what Rohla terms a scalar wave vortex, which neutralizes EMF radiation and clears pollution and particulates out of the sky.

My preliminary work in making orgonite has had unbelievable results.  I was floored by what I saw, and I still need to do more research on this.  I will be making many more pieces and reporting on my findings.  You can use any number of combinations of different crystals and metal shavings.  They are embedded in a resin, which creates non-conductive space needed between the objects to make the device effective.  The Tesla coil, which is just a copper coil you roll around an object like a pencil, works with the metals and the crystal to create scalar energy.

When I went outside with my materials, the sky was covered in chemtrails.  Even as the pieces were curing outside, the chemtrails over the house began to break up.  As they were sprayed, they dissolved and retreated.  Within a half hour of making the four and a half small pieces, there was a circle of blue sky over my house for what looked like a mile in every direction.  All around were chemtrails and aerosol clouds.  After a while the wind started to blow in some chemclouds, but they didn’t last long.  Animals seemed to be attracted to my house too.  A strange cat walked up to the living room window, birds were chirping and came looking for food out front, and two hawks started circling in the air across the street.  When I went out for a while, everyone seemed relatively calm for Hollywood.  I rode the bus three stops up the road and got the craziest, most manic driver on the route.  This guys is nuts.  He announces every stop, even though the bus does that already, looks backwards when he drives to talk to whoever is near him, and is a total spaz.  Today he was calm, looked forward when he drove, and even had the propaganda TVs on the bus turned off.

At sunset, there was a major chemical attack over the ocean that was blowing in to Hollywood.  As it approached, the chemtrails faded and never made it over my house.  I have never seen chemtrails behave in this way.  I am going to observe the workings of the orgonite and continue to report.  I feel way better too, and I think it’s helping with the wireless radiation in my own home.

You will not hear from me quite as religiously in the coming weeks regarding daily geoengineering reports.  I will be focusing on orgonite, detoxification, and on my new website, where you will have easy access to health and wellness tips, activism, and geoengineering news and related issues.

Here are my photos from tonight.

Looking west toward the ocean, on Vine Street in Hollywood:




A little eastward, toward my house:


Over my home:


To the west, I saw a chemtrail reacting strangely, where part of it hollowed out and it broke into pieces.  It wasn’t stopping and starting as it was being sprayed.  It just deteriorated rapidly.



5pm. In case you don’t recall, this is what we used to call blue sky.

Here in LA too!

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Ken Rohla, How to neutralize radiation from chemtrail from the Sky, your garden and your body.

Per chi non sapesse cosa sono le chemtrails, sono le scie bianche che si vedono nel cielo, o meglio le scie chimiche, se notate restano nel cielo per ore. Potete informarvi meglio su

Only one post on all of tumblr tagged “Ken Rohla?!”  Now how can that be?  I have some great things to tell you.  There is hope in the fight against chemtrails.  Please enjoy this video and I will talk to you more later today.

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Stratospheric aerosol geoengineering.

An amazing and scary assortment of pictures displaying chemtrails.

I was in Spokane a couple of times in 2002 and 2003.  The sky was so blue and pure and there were puffy cumulus clouds.  The haze you see in the skyline photo has no place there.  It is the result of constant bombardment of aerosol pollution from the geoengineering program.  This happened in the southwest as well, where the air used to be the cleanest in the nation.  We’re not talking about a big city with a lot of cars either.  This is not smog you’re seeing.  I’m from LA.  I know smog.

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