The Game Is Changing

This was written yesterday, but the same observations hold true today.  There were many chemtrails sprayed this afternoon and they disintegrated rapidly.  This occurred as far as one mile from my home, where I spent a couple of hours in the morning and early afternoon at the farmers market.

Preliminary Observations Using Scalar Technology
April 19, 2014

Homemade orgonite: Scalar energy devices

Today was a day of great discovery and awakening.  I have been researching scalar technology which can be used to neutralize EMF radiation and actually knock chemtrails out of the sky.  You may have heard of orgonite, which are lovely little sculptures containing crystals, metal shavings, and a Tesla coil.  I was as skeptical as the next person, and I am still having a hard time believing the results of my own work creating these simple little devices.  This is very complex technology that is remarkably easy to make yourself.  You don’t have to understand the physics to see the result.

Orgonite is the invention of Karl Hans Welz using the discoveries that Dr. Wilhelm Reich made in the 1930s of a “life force energy,” or “orgone” energy, which permeates all living things.  Reich first observed a bio-electrical charge in his patients in the late 1920s and then confirmed this electrical charge using a millivolt reader attached to sensors on the body in the 1930s.  I am still new to his work, but according to electrical engineer and inventor Ken Rohla, this energy that Reich discovered is the same thing as scalar energy.  Scalar energy is what is being used by those trying to control the weather, and orgonite creates what Rohla terms a scalar wave vortex, which neutralizes EMF radiation and clears pollution and particulates out of the sky.

My preliminary work in making orgonite has had unbelievable results.  I was floored by what I saw, and I still need to do more research on this.  I will be making many more pieces and reporting on my findings.  You can use any number of combinations of different crystals and metal shavings.  They are embedded in a resin, which creates non-conductive space needed between the objects to make the device effective.  The Tesla coil, which is just a copper coil you roll around an object like a pencil, works with the metals and the crystal to create scalar energy.

When I went outside with my materials, the sky was covered in chemtrails.  Even as the pieces were curing outside, the chemtrails over the house began to break up.  As they were sprayed, they dissolved and retreated.  Within a half hour of making the four and a half small pieces, there was a circle of blue sky over my house for what looked like a mile in every direction.  All around were chemtrails and aerosol clouds.  After a while the wind started to blow in some chemclouds, but they didn’t last long.  Animals seemed to be attracted to my house too.  A strange cat walked up to the living room window, birds were chirping and came looking for food out front, and two hawks started circling in the air across the street.  When I went out for a while, everyone seemed relatively calm for Hollywood.  I rode the bus three stops up the road and got the craziest, most manic driver on the route.  This guys is nuts.  He announces every stop, even though the bus does that already, looks backwards when he drives to talk to whoever is near him, and is a total spaz.  Today he was calm, looked forward when he drove, and even had the propaganda TVs on the bus turned off.

At sunset, there was a major chemical attack over the ocean that was blowing in to Hollywood.  As it approached, the chemtrails faded and never made it over my house.  I have never seen chemtrails behave in this way.  I am going to observe the workings of the orgonite and continue to report.  I feel way better too, and I think it’s helping with the wireless radiation in my own home.

You will not hear from me quite as religiously in the coming weeks regarding daily geoengineering reports.  I will be focusing on orgonite, detoxification, and on my new website, where you will have easy access to health and wellness tips, activism, and geoengineering news and related issues.

Here are my photos from tonight.

Looking west toward the ocean, on Vine Street in Hollywood:




A little eastward, toward my house:


Over my home:


To the west, I saw a chemtrail reacting strangely, where part of it hollowed out and it broke into pieces.  It wasn’t stopping and starting as it was being sprayed.  It just deteriorated rapidly.



5pm. In case you don’t recall, this is what we used to call blue sky.

Here in LA too!

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Ken Rohla, How to neutralize radiation from chemtrail from the Sky, your garden and your body.

Per chi non sapesse cosa sono le chemtrails, sono le scie bianche che si vedono nel cielo, o meglio le scie chimiche, se notate restano nel cielo per ore. Potete informarvi meglio su

Only one post on all of tumblr tagged “Ken Rohla?!”  Now how can that be?  I have some great things to tell you.  There is hope in the fight against chemtrails.  Please enjoy this video and I will talk to you more later today.

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Stratospheric aerosol geoengineering.

An amazing and scary assortment of pictures displaying chemtrails.

I was in Spokane a couple of times in 2002 and 2003.  The sky was so blue and pure and there were puffy cumulus clouds.  The haze you see in the skyline photo has no place there.  It is the result of constant bombardment of aerosol pollution from the geoengineering program.  This happened in the southwest as well, where the air used to be the cleanest in the nation.  We’re not talking about a big city with a lot of cars either.  This is not smog you’re seeing.  I’m from LA.  I know smog.

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photo credit: Nico G.

I  awoke to a weird chemhaze in the sky.  These photos don’t even do it justice.  They make the sky look a little bluer than it actually looks in real life, but you get the idea.  The entire sky is covered in silvery white, yet the sun shines as usual.  This is not anything close to marine layer, and by the way, June gloom is supposed to start in June.

Here are a couple of examples of strange ways sunlight behaves when metal nano particles are introduced into the atmosphere.  When you see this sky, I hope you’re reaction isn’t, “look…pretty.”  The top photos are examples of chembows taken on Oct. 18, 2013 in Spokane, Washington.  The bottom photos are chemhalos from April 9, 2014  The pseudo-science misinformation campaign calls these sun dogs, which are a natural but rare phenomenon.  In all these photos you can clearly see that the sky is full of geoengineering aerosols.  Sun dogs occur in clear skies.

Thanks to Nico G. for these great photos!  Check out this link Nico shared with me on a news story from yesterday about how the media is addressing peoples’ concern with seeing this phenomenon for the first time:

It’s so dismissive, just like how the weather report calls chemtrails “clouds.”  They have some pat explanation for everything and science’s definitions have been conveniently altered to accommodate the cover up of these covert operations to modify the weather.

From sunrise to sunset, today’s variety of fake clouds over Los Angeles.  The top photo is in the morning, and there are a few natural clouds below the thick chemical layer.  How shiny and dramatic these poisonous aerosol clouds look when hit by the sun’s rays.  This painted sky is the sky of death.  We’re being fumigated, people!


4pm. The sky is a deceiving mix of real clouds, chemhaze and chemclouds. Fuckers. 

This is the sky of California’s drought.  There are a handful of mutilated cumulus clouds, but these are mostly imitation high clouds made from aerosol particulates.  All of the real clouds this morning were quickly destroyed by chemtrail aerosols in order to prevent rain.  These dense flat clouds are a variety of what I call “cancer clouds.”  As the spring turns to summer, they like to use this geoengineering pattern.  These man made clouds often cover the sky with boil-like formations, thus the unappealing moniker I have bestowed upon them.

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