Toronto’s annual CNE Air show 2014 (aka Pro-War/Pro-Military propaganda)

Notice there’s isn’t a single real cloud in the sky.

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poserhell said: you realize that contrails stick around depending on the relative humidity of the atmosphere and how high up they are, dont you? I used to believe in chemtrails too but occams razor says the simplest explanation is most often the most correct. Sorry but concocting a giant government coverup defies that principle. Yeah the british seeded clouds with silver nitrate in the 50s but its preposterous to believe that a crystal with some metal shavings makes clouds evaporate.

Yes!  Thank you!  Occam’s Razor, why didn’t I think of that?  I’m actually kind of relieved.  This chemtrail business has been stressing me out.  Now that I know that I don’t need to worry anymore, I’ll have more time to do the things I really want.  For instance, I haven’t seen a movie starring George Clooney in some time.  I’d love to go to a Kanye West concert.  It’s been so long since I’ve had fun since I became an activist.

I can’t believe I put two years of my life into daily research on this topic.  I was so blinded by science!  Science tells us that contrails are visible over 30,000 feet because the water vapor in the jet exhaust freezes at that altitude.  It also says that these trails disappear quickly like your breath on a cold day.  How silly of me to not think of Occam’s Razor.  Of course the trails are persistent now.  Just because!  Cool!  I am so totally not worried anymore!  I’m going to the Pinkberry in Studio City.

Good night, and enjoy this light reading recommendation before you go to sleep:

The US Air Force document on weather modification in warfare, including the use of chemical agents, “Weather As a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025”:

You may enjoy this after working all day trolling the internet for geoengineering-related sites for minimum wage.


Chemtrail Panoramas - Aug. 25, 2014

Here are some panoramic views of the chemical dumping that went on over Los Angeles on Monday.  There is not a natural cloud in this sky.  You can see chemtrails between the plumes of aerosol material which fell on our city throughout the day, poisoning the population with the slow kill technique.  There are some really awesome views from Baldwin Hills at Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Center.  They look much better without the chemical warfare.


This is what it looks like when they spray the sky to cover the sunset and sunrise.

It’s sad how many people have no idea what this is.  If you are observant, you can see how these are not normal clouds.  However, most aerosol deployment is in the form of canister explosions in remote areas, with chemtrails usually being the guidelines to draw in these systems.  Even many people who know about chemtrails do not realize when the clouds are man made.  It took me a long time and much research before I learned to discern real from fake clouds.  Man made clouds contain highly toxic heavy metals and are poison disguised as “nature,” however poorly.

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Does anyone think this looks like a healthy sky?  Do you think that what goes up stays up there?  It’s a chemical war zone in Southern California today.  This is man made climate change.  Don’t let the NWO fool you into thinking you are the cause of this mayhem.  This is all very much planned out and orchestrated by the evil elite.  They have us so dumbed down that we think these are clouds, like roaches think there is food in the roach trap.

photo credit: John Graf

Orgonite Transforming the Sky - LA, Aug. 24, 2014

A look at the transformation that happened today as the chemclouds hit our scalar wave vortex in Los Angeles.  This is geo-restoration.



The chemfront has already made it into Orange County and is making its way up to LA.  Strange that no one wonders why a bank of weird looking “clouds” is coming in from the south (not the west) and why it has all these HAARP ripples in it. Pretty sloppy effort on the part of the Corporate Liberal Sun Monopoly if you ask me.

Everyone is pretty dumbed down. This makes the extermination of humanity easy.  It’s a good thing we have our own weapons to fight this in LA. So far we have been holding it back and have even transformed some of the chemclouds into natural clouds.  Since there is some amount of water vapor mixed in with the aerosols, it is possible to remove the aerosol components using orgone energy, leaving only the water behind.

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Got sky-arrhea?  Flush your troubles away!

The Chembow On a Boat - Sky Restoration, August 19, 2014

My office got to take a boat trip today.  Unfortunately the boat broke down before we got out of the marina, but I had a great time cleaning the sky!  There probably has never been any orgonite in Marina Del Rey, especially on the water.  The one piece I brought contained a brilliantly colored citrine and super-fine brass shavings.  It started working immediately, to my surprise, and did an amazing job clearing the aerosol clouds and bringing in a lovely natural marine layer hours before it was forecast on Weather.con.  Take a look at hole that was ripped in the artificial cloud cover and the natural clouds and pristine, deep blue sky that materialized directly over the boat.  You can see in the late afternoon and early evening how a natural marine layer replaced the man made toxic clouds, restoring our beautiful Southern California sky.

(My co-workers were oblivious to the whole thing!)