Engineered Drought Catastrophe, Target California

The western US is under an all out climate engineering assault, California most of all. The Weather Makers can shut the hydrological cycle off from the once “golden state” for as long as they wish.

Dane Wigington gave this talk the night before the Shasta County meeting on geoengineering.  This operation is on a global scale and the cover up is equally massive.  The very agencies that report on the destructive weather conditions and soaring UV levels are given this information by military contractors like Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, who are up to their eyeballs in geoengineering patents.  The weather is being manipulated, and it’s not a good thing.  Geoengineering is heating up the planet at a rapid pace, despite the patents being for solar radiation management to curb global warming.  The ozone is being shredded, and this is a known side-effect of geoengineering.  California is being fried to a crisp with no rain in sight because this moisture is all being diverted to the east, with a wall of aerosol over the Pacific Ocean.  How does NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration know that we should not expect any relief from this year’s El Nino, which is currently developing?  Because they are told by Raytheon not to expect it.  They report the conditions which they create with geoengineering.

In this video, Dane Wigington, a climate expert and founder of, explains with scientific documentation and our own government’s weather maps, how geoengineering is the environmental catastrophe that will end life on earth if we don’t stop it soon.  This is the band-aid for global warming that makes the problem look benign.  Nothing else will matter if we don’t stop the aerosol spraying now.  The only way is to bring mass attention to this most marginalized of issues.  In order to keep their jobs, government scientists and meteorologists are remaining silent.  I ask, what will those jobs be worth when there is no ozone layer at all anymore, when the drought is so bad that we can only grow GMO food and have no water to drink, when our children have to grow up with neurological impairment due to the heavy metal toxicity in the atmosphere, and when we have less than two decades to live if we don’t stop this insanity now?

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Weather War Update: Hope Amidst Despair

Southern California has been under a severe chemical bombardment for days with no end in sight.  As soon as one wave of aerosol pollution comes through another massive chembomb is deployed in Central Mexico.  Today we were also attacked from the west as large quantities of aerosol matter could be seen on the satellite being dropped over the Pacific Ocean southwest of Southern California.  The effects of heavy metal poisoning could be seen in the increase in allergies and sullen, angry population, who had no idea why they were not feeling well, but did not question the unseasonal “clouds” in the middle of an LA summer.

The chembomb reached LA from the southwest today in the early afternoon, accompanied by heavy chemtrail spraying.  Even though our scalar weapons, orgonite, were far outmatched, they did have an impact.  In this photo you can see a typical curve that has been a tactic of the geoengineers to try and fool the orgonite since we began in April.  You can also see a chemtrail stop in mid-air, as the aerosol is turned off.

This was the beginning of the assault in Culver City in the early afternoon.  By mid-late afternoon, we were immersed in a chemical soup.

They laid it on thick and chembows could be seen around the sun.

There was always a slight thinning in the aerosol blanket over my workplace compared with surrounding areas.  I attributed this to the orgonite, as I have seen these results day after day.  It wasn’t much of a comfort, though, considering the extreme quantities of aerosol which were overwhelming my 11 small pieces at work.

But in the early evening, I saw something that gave me hope, and encouraged me to continue cranking out the orgonite busters.  Over my workplace, and there alone, were real clouds and a very deep blue sky.  The real clouds don’t belong here in July, but it is the fact that they could emerge amongst the aerosol particulates that was so remarkable.  The depth of the blue in the sky was never possible during such an attack before the introduction of orgonite.

Orgonite makes a hole in the aerosols and allows natural clouds and deep blue sky to emerge in Culver City.

The fact is, I still need this kind of evidence regarding orgonite.  I do not just have blind faith.  I need to see results.  When I returned to Hollywood, where I currently have over 60 pieces, I got that further evidence that I needed.  All around LA was heavy chemcover, but over my house, this is what I saw:

Deep blue sky and water vapor clouds in Hollywood during massive geoengineering assault all over Los Angeles.

A circle of blue sky over my home while the rest of LA is under a chembomb, thanks to orgone (scalar) devices.

I tend not to keep explaining orgonite and its function to my readers in every post, but I have made many postings about my findings using orgonite by this point.  These results speak for themselves.  I encourage everyone to try making or buying high quality orgonite.  Having just one piece in your home, especially by your bed when you sleep, is excellent protection against EMF, wireless and cell phone radiation.  It seems to take at least 3 pieces to have a noticeable impact on removing chemtrails, but since we are gridding with other people who have orgonite, any bit helps in winning this crazy weather war!

photos by John Graf

More photos from yesterday by John Graf

photo by John Graf

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1pm. This is thick, brown and all the way to the ground. They’ve really up stakes today.

This truly is the imminent extinction of mankind.  If people continue to ignore this constant chemical bombardment and say everything’s ok and we’re just crazy conspiracy theorists, all will be lost.  I don’t understand how Californians can possibly think there isn’t something wrong.  Our once cloudless blue summer skies are covered in heavy, deliberate pollution.  Why doesn’t matter.  Stopping it before life on earth is ended is what matters.  The clock is ticking.  Geoengineering has gotten worse even in the past month.  Aerosol spraying is destroying the ozone layer, and I have noticed that just in the last week or so, I can no longer expose my skin to the sun for more than a minute without beginning to burn.  We are in the last moments.  I am soon to give up trying to wake people.  I will continue to make orgonite and try to clean the sky until the end.

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The schedule on Weather.con is for continuous chemtrail spraying and chembombing for the next 10 days straight.  I’m from Los Angeles.  There was never a cloud in the sky here all summer until recently.  The clouds that we have been seeing are all coming from the southeast while our natural weather has always come from the west.  All the clouds reported in the sky have been chemtrails and man made clouds resulting from chemtrails and chembombs.  Yet, Rothschild-owned Weather Central calls these clouds.  Thus we now have constant cloudiness in once sunny LA which no one questions, despite their growing health problems.