Two Nighttime Chemical Attacks Averted

I wanted to share a couple of recent observations with the transmutation of two chemical attacks on Los Angeles.  They occurred on the nights of September 26 and 28.  Since they happened at night, I do not have photos since my camera can’t take good pictures at night.  I hope to see this again in the day (when I’m not at work) and as soon as I can I’ll get a time lapse video of this occurrence.  This whole event both times took less than an hour till completion.  I have taken time-lapse photos of similar transmutations and posted them on this blog, but these last two were the most extreme examples I have seen yet.

On the 26th a chemical front approached from the east and southeast.  Stringy aerosol clouds began to seep into Los Angeles and made it over my house until we were immersed in chemical cover.  This was confirmed on the satellite image.  Team Chembow moved around our many pieces of orgonite into new patterns and placed them around the outside of the house.  In about 15 minutes, the chemical cover started to look thick and puffy, and within 20 minutes all the stringy chemical clouds transformed into defined cumulus clouds.  The clouds began to clump together more and more as the aerosols were removed from the sky.  The sky surrounding them deepened in color, as it does in the day, but since it was night, it just looked blacker and clearer.  A half hour after the clouds formed, the sky cleared completely and there was not a trace of the aerosol clouds or real clouds anymore.  As a reminder, this system came from the east and southeast, and all natural clouds in LA come from the west, over the ocean.

Last night the same thing happened.  A spiraling hurricane-shaped man made system of aerosol clouds was being pushed down into Southern California from the typical wave of aerosol from the northwest.  On the satellite, you could see it spinning all day as the geoengineers tried to push it down on us.  We held it back until night, when from the north, a wave of aerosol clouds finally came into LA.  They came in very fast from around 9-10pm.  We moved the orgonite around again in an attempt to hold it back, but it was too thick and strong of a system.  As it covered Hollywood, the same thing happened again.  It transformed, first into little circular blobs of cloud material, then small cumulus-type clouds, which became bigger as the sky around them became clearer, and then the entire sky cleared completely, as if this never even happened.  This took no more than 45 minutes this time.  The stars were once again visible and the satellite image this morning showed the dissolution of the front.

As soon as I can, I will get a video of this.  This is an energy battle fought with scalar weapons, orgone energy, and metal particulates.  We use aluminum in a lot of our orgonite.  It’s strange to be fighting aluminum with aluminum, but that is what’s going on.  This is all about metals, energy, magnetism, and conductivity.  The way to end geoengineering is to physically stop it.  You cannot convince your murderer to stop.  You must stop them. 

It all sounds very strange, I know.  I hope you will try orgonite and see the results for yourselves.  Feel free to get in touch for more information on obtaining orgonite or learning to make your own:

Orgonite Skies - Los Angeles, CA 9.28.14

No can do.  Sorry psychopathic geoengineers.  Despite your hurricane formation of aerosol heavy metals spiraling around California and Nevada, Los Angeles remains chemtrail free with beautiful natural skies.

Score one more victory for orgonite!


4-27-14 No chemclouds for 1 month.

Actually it’s 9/27/14, but that’s what I’ve been trying to tell you.  Orgonite in large quantities (we’ve made hundreds and have spread them all around Southern California, especially the LA area) shuts down geoengineering.  It uses scalar energy to create a vortex in which any chemtrails being sprayed cannot persist, and therefore cannot be acted upon by HAARP and other such facilities.  This is about electromagnetic energy in which metal particles are just a medium for energy to act upon.  Using orgonite, we take the energy of a crystal, such as quartz, amplify it with metal shavings and a copper Tesla coil, and transmit an energy field that neutralizes EMF and removes the pollution of the metals from chemtrails in the sky.  This completely disables geoengineering. 

This photo was taken in Orange County.  We have orgonite stretching from the Antelope Valley all the way to San Diego, and there are others we are gridding with.  When you add more orgone devices, they grid together forming a wider field of protection covering a larger and larger area.  It is one month since we’ve had a chemtrail sky.  The 4 attempts that reached the LA area in Southern California were all dismantled by our orgone devices.  All the other days in which the satellite image showed an incoming chemical front, they never made it within miles of LA, either dissolving or hitting a wall and moving on.

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Orgone Energy & Transmutation

Kim Greenhouse of “It’s Rainmaking Time” interviews orgonite pioneers Don & Carol Croft on orgone energy, the elimination of smog & aerosol pollution, transmutation of dangerous EMF from cell phone towers and more!  Enjoy this inspirational conversation on how using Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s amazing discovery can end the geoengineering program and restore the natural climate, protect us from harmful EMF, and reduce pollution of various forms.  My observations with my own work match theirs, and I stand behind this new and exciting technology!

Join the Global March Against Chemtrails & Geoengineering this Saturday!  Help bring awareness to the crimes in the sky.

Thoughts on the Electromagnetic Field & Geoengineering

After reading Dowin Gardner’s “The Science of Rain,” listening to talks by electrical engineer Ken Rohla on scalar energy, and making many of my own scalar energy devices, I’ve started to realize something that I had never thought about before regarding geoengineering.  These weather modification programs are more about energy fields than the particulates emitted by aircraft.  The chemtrails are just a medium for these fields to work with.  Since they create an atmosphere that can be manipulated by HAARP technology, which is scalar just like the orgone energy discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, the metals are an essential ingredient in weather modification.  However, geoengineering is much more about the electromagnetic field than it is about the spraying of chemicals.

Understanding that chemtrails are made from metal nano particles, I have seen that in the presence of the scalar energy field, these metals cannot persist in the sky.  For people who think that chemtrails and contrails are the same thing, it is interesting to note that I have not seen either in some time.  According to Dane Wigington of, even normal short jet contrails are seldom seen on very hot days, as it has been lately.  I have not seen any grids or persistent jet trails of any kind for almost a month.  I have seen some man made clouds in the past month coming in from other areas.  These occurred on 9/7, 9/9, and on 9/16, which was the day that the aerosols coming in from a Pacific Ocean chembomb completely transformed into the most breathtaking natural clouds I have seen (check my archive for photos from 9/16 or just look back a few entries).

The NOAA satellite image pictured here from tonight shows what I have seen every day this month.  The clouds seen off the coast of California here are aerosols.  They hit a wall in Southern California, in fact often as far north as Santa Cruz, where I have confirmed that there is an orgonite making community.  The geoengineers have been pummeling the West Coat day after day all summer with huge aerosol releases from the far north, but it keeps whipping around and hitting that wall in Southern California.  This effect has become more and more dramatic as we build up a stronger scalar wave vortex through using orgonite.

Orgonite restructures and neutralizes EMF and all types of wireless and cellular radiation.  In this atmosphere, chemtrails cannot persist and geoengineering becomes impossible.  It is not just that orgonite removes chemtrails from the sky, but that it alters the energy field in a manner which cannot sustain the bombardment of HAARP and other such facilities.  Dowin Garder barely talked about chemtrails in his book, but spoke a lot of these energy fields.  Now, with further observation, I understand why.  He said that electro smog from all of our devices, and of course cell towers, is the cause of drought.  I believe he is right.  By altering the energy field around Los Angeles, we have seen incredible blue skies free from aerosol pollution, and right after making our first orgonite, we had rain despite heavy geoengineering efforts.

Dane Wigington is correct about the large scale of these operations.  If you look at the spiral west of Washington State, you can see that something isn’t right.  Unfortunately, he does not know about orgonite, and having spoken with him, I think that this might seem too “out there” for him to bring to his audience.  I have seen some pretty unbelievable results using orgonite to stop geoengineering, so I understand if you don’t believe me.  It is something everyone needs to see for themselves.  Even then, it’s still hard to believe.  What I have been learning is that in the absence of harmful EMF, geoengineering cannot occur.  Cell towers, smart phones, smart meters, and smart anything are part of this agenda to lower our frequency and allow these metals to fill our air.  We have to be conscious of EMF, turn off the cell phones, plug into your modem without wifi, and get orgonite into your home.


Divine Skies - Evil Lines

"Air is touching your Lips,
Colortones are vibrating in your Eyes,
Music is playing in your Body,
Light is shining in your Heart,
Shapes are generated by your Mind.”

Bern, Switzerland
Monday 2014-09-22

The geoengineers are trying to destroy the clouds.  Not for long.

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Orgonite Skies - Los Angeles, CA 9.18.14

Our scalar wave vortex is becoming more impenetrable.  Looks like El Nino might have a chance this year despite Raytheon’s efforts to aid Monsanto in their engineered drought.  Come on California!  Let’s get orgonized!  Orgonite stops geoengineering and there is nothing they can do to pollute our sky.